Offshore foundations

Ever since the start of erecting windfarms offshore, ITW Engineered Polymers' UHPC material Ducorit® has been a crucial structural component of foundations for offshore wind turbines, substations and met masts.

Ducorit® is successfully applied as a reliable, strong and cost-effective connection between piles and transition pieces.



75% of the capacity installed or under construction offshore is based on the monopile concept whereby transition pieces are grouted to piles by applying Ducorit®.

A monopile foundation consists of a steel pile driven into the seabed and a transition piece slid onto or into the pile. After adjustment of the verticality of the transition piece, the space between pile and transition piece is grouted with Ducorit® which is mixed and pumped through flexible hoses into the annulus.



A tripile foundation consists of three steel piles driven into the seabed after which a three-legged transition piece structure is slid into the three piles. The overlaps between piles and transition piece are grouted with Ducorit®.

The Ducorit® connections evenly distribute the forces from the three-legged transition piece to the piles.

Presently, ITW Engineered Polymers provides turnkey grouting services to Bard Engineering's patented tripile foundations at their wind farm in the North Sea.


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A tripod support structure/foundation is secured in place by driving threepiles into the seabed through a sleeve in each of the three corners.

Ducorit® is pumped into the annuli between pile and sleeve to ensure a strong and durable connection.

When erecting the Alpha Ventus wind farm in the North Sea, ITW Engineered Polymers grouted six tripod foundations for the 5 MW wind turbines.

Turnkey Solutions

All ITW EP offshore foundation installations come with a complete grouting service which includes consultancy, design, planning, and supply of grouting material, installation, test sampling and documentation for any offshore structure design and installation scheme.

  • Project Management - Grouting projects are always handled by a project manager and a leading supervisor who ensure that the projects are carried out safely, according to QHSE standards and on time.  The grouting installation/application is verified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Germanische Lloyd (GL).
  • Skilled and Experienced Supervisors - The supervisors working offshore are skilled, experienced, and dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers.  Throughout a grouting installation/operation, our supervisors take samples according to a strict quality plan for testing and documentation.
  • Optimized Offshore Equipment - Over the years, we have developed specialized equipment for grouting offshore to ensure our customers an efficient and cost-effective installation.  The grouting equipment fulfills the requirements for quick mobilization and the design takes the limited space at the installation vessels into consideration.


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