Grouting of Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm Completed


Between April 3 and August 12, 2017, ITW Engineered Polymers has been part of the installation of 87 monopile transition pieces for the Walney Extension project. The installation process of all 87 monopile transition pieces went smoothly and ITW Engineered Polymers can proudly look back at yet another successful offshore wind farm project.

In early April 2017, ITW Engineered Polymers began the installation process in collaboration with Van Oord. Thorough and detail oriented planning procedures prior to the initiation of offshore works ensured an efficient installation process and minimized the offshore installation time. At ITW Engineered Polymers we believe that close collaboration with the client is key to eliminating obstacles during the installation. Thus, we would like to thank Van Oord for their professional approach to the project and good cooperation.

Our main supervisor for the project, Martin Larsen, states:

"The cooperation with Van Oord was very good throughout the project. They listened to what we had to say. During the project, they made a change to the deck layout based on our recommendations for how to optimize the installations. All in all, a very good project".

The Walney Extension wind farm will comprise by the newest generation of wind turbines with capacities of 7 & 8 MW. The transition pieces required for wind turbines of this size range between 27-33 meters in height. TP’s of this size present higher demands for foundation strength and require best in class components.

The new Ducorit® S5R was chosen for this project due to its top-class performance and ultra-high strength class. In total, around 5300 tonnes of Ducorit® S5R was installed during the project – all within the milestones scheduled prior to the project.

During the project, our new waste disposal system also saw the light of day. 
Martin Larsen states:

"The new waste disposal system was great. We managed to drastically reduce the amount of waste grout. This eased the waste management chain significantly".

The innovative waste disposal system is a testament to our continued efforts to reduce offshore installation costs and make offshore wind farms more cost efficient.

ITW Engineered Polymers is happy to look back at this project as yet another successful offshore reference point and we are proud to be part of a project that will power 460,000 homes around 2019.

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