Ducorit S5 Becomes Ducorit S5R


For nearly two decades, Ducorit S5 has been the primary product for grouting offshore in industries such as Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas. After more than 2300 installations worldwide, the unique quality of Ducorit S5 has been proven over and over. However, we are now proud to present the DNV GL certified version of our renowned Ducorit S5 – Ducorit S5R.

The background for the certification is recent DNV GL requirements. Both DNV GL J101 and DNV GL 0126 requirements state that a structural grout must be certified in accordance with C502. As the first company in the industry, ITW engaged in the C502 certification process. Early in the certification process of the Ducorit S5, ITW decided to raise the bar. In collaboration with DNV GL, ITW examined some of the key areas of the S5 to ensure optimal product performance. The results of this collaboration are significantly reduced shrinkage, increased flowability and faster early stage curing time in the certified version of Ducorit S5.

The reduced shrinkage, improved flowability and faster early stage curing time provides further installation flexibility and enables us to accommodate even the most demanding design requirements. The new DNV GL Type Approval Certification permits an expansion of our installation recommendations:


  • Minimum grout thickness is reduced from 50mm to 40mm to ensure accordance with design requirements from DNV GL-0126.cy

  • Maximum grout thickness is increased from 150mm to 1,000mm to facilitate installation in any known offshore structures within offshore renewable energy.

  • Maximum hose length is increased from 150m to 436m to ensure
    optimal operational flexibility for various grout bore holes.

Certified Legacy

The operational capacity of the Ducorit S5R is certified in a full scale circular mock-up DNV GL test - representing a typical wind structure seen offshore.  Testing our products in these realistic conditions ensures a thoroughly tested product and provides us with valuable information about product behavior in various circumstances.

Through this test, DNV GL certified that Ducorit S5 and Ducorit S5R are similar products, which aligns with ITW’s perception of the products. Therefore, all references from S5 are transferred to S5R, as both DNV GL and ITW see Ducorit S5R as the same product as Ducorit S5. This statement is fully supported by DNV GL.

Please see https://approvalfinder.dnvgl.com/#approval/TAK0000074 for further reference.

Method Statement

As certified by DNV GL, the method statement for Ducorit S5R remains the same as the certified method statement for Ducorit S5. Thereby, areas such as processing time (mixing time, pumping capacity etc.) and grouting process will remain the same as always.

We are proud to introduce the S5R to the market and of our ability to provide a turnkey solution to any offshore grouting project. Our service includes everything from management and installation to test sampling and documentation. This ensures that our customers’ needs are met and that our product is installed professionally and at highest safety standards both now and in the future.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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