ITW is launching a new product series of Onshore Ducorit® material to be used in the assembly process of concrete towers and undercasting of tower flange connections. The Onshore Ducorit® products are consistent and high quality materials applicable and approved for onshore structural connections.

Central to the Ducorit® products is the state of the art UHPC and HPC Densit® Technology. The different properties of the products are obtained by a unique mix of high quality cement, aggregates and additives.

This newly developed product program is characterized by a consistent and high quality material which develops a significant early strength making Ducorit® a strong structural component which meets international high design standards and provides grouting companies with a unique and strong solution throughout the grouting process on site.

ITW always works closely with its customers when developing new products and solutions. The development of new onshore Ducorit® product series was initiated in order to respond to market demands and to satisfy customer’s needs.

“Our experience and research of grouting onshore showed that we needed to develop a specific product series targeted for structural grouted connections in wind turbine foundations and concrete tower joints – says Niels Peter Andersen, Sales Manager - Onshore Foundations & Construction – “The new versatile Ducorit® grout can be installed in multiple applications, both for the grouting of the connection between the steel tower flange, and in pre-cast concrete element towers, in both vertical and horizontal joints”.

Even though the product series has only just been introduced to the market the first orders have already been received and the grouting will take place in June and July. Ducorit® R1G has been chosen for undercasting of base tower flanges at a project in Germany where GES is installing 6 Gamesa wind turbines close to Hamburg. And Ducorit® A2G is going to be used in the concrete tower assembly process – both vertical and horizontal joint – for a project of 10 onshore Acciona wind turbines in Poland installed by Acciona Energia.

The new product series is tested in compliance with the German DAfStb “production and use of cement-bound cast concrete and mortars, 2011” and the material can be installed at ambient temperatures from 2°C to 35°C without any additional temperature precautions.

The grouting operation is not the product alone - but the entire setup around the process - and ITW Engineered Polymers provides training, onsite supervision and equipment rental which enable a quicker, safer and more efficient installation process.


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